Events in Australia

  • Location: NorthcoteVIC 3070
  • Dates: from 08 Jun 2021 to 17 Apr 2037

Posture correction workshop to improve and maintain ideal body posture at work and during exercise to reduce lower back pain, shoulders, headaches and other musculoskeletal pain and stiffness causing issues.

Term 3 2021 Junior Golf Programs will commence at Brookwater from October 12th with 8-Week Intermediate classes run on Tuesday & Thursday afternoons from 4-5pm and 6-Week Beginner classes starting on Sunday October 17th with 8.30am & 4pm classes. Select your preferred day and register now as spots are limited.

Monthly Senior Grade Training sessions for brown and Black Belts (by invitation only). Learn advanced level techniques, katas, applications, kumite drills and weaponry. Visit: southcoastkarate dot com dot au for more details about classes and contact information.