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Brazilian Jujutsu, Midland 6056

Brazilian Jiu-jitsu is the art of physically controlling a violent situation. It's effective and it works. Pitting strength against strength is a losing concept - there will always be someone stronger than you. Instead we learn how to apply our strengths against our opponent's weaknesses. We specialise in an individualistic and evidence-based approach to teaching BJJ. Everyone has their own unique combination of strengths and limitations. We teach you how to become a effective at physically controlling ...

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Body Building, Cannon Hill 4170

All4Fitness is a privately owned gym in Cannon Hill. We provide Personal Training, Gym Access & Group Classes to busy individuals that want to lose unwanted weight and start feeling & looking their best. We do this by providing individualized training programs, a flexible schedule, coaching for support and accountability and nutritional guidance. As our location moved from Hawthorne to Cannon Hill in 2014 we have many of our members that travel from surrounding suburbs such as Hawthorne itself, Morningside, ...

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Other Martial Arts, Bentleigh East 3165

We offer classes for kids as young as 3 years old in Freestyle Goju Karate Do, MMA-Mixed Martial Arts, Muay Thai Boran Kickboxing & Old School Boxing along with Fitness Classes and Personal Training .

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Other Martial Arts, Malaga 6090

ATI Martialarts is Taekwondo based Family Martial Arts school. We have been around for over 30 years and have 18 venues for you to choose from. We employ over 30 instructors and admin staff to provide the very best coaching and service . One of our main goals to to provide positive role models for our future generation of young adults.Our programs will instill discipline, respect, resilience,perseverance, goal setting, Mental toughness,empathy ,self defense skills, self control and self discipline ...

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Life, St Albans Park 3219

BellcurveBody is dedicated to defeating obesity and the “weight” of carrying around unwanted kilos. This is achieved individually, one client at a time. Using the world renowned program of Sheila Granger (UK), Bellcurvebody delivers Virtual Gastric Banding Therapy. Programs suit each individual's own needs and start at 6 weeks, right up to 3 months. Ongoing support is given, till the client reaches their goal. In conjunction with their GP (if required), each program is written specifically for ...

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Crosscountry Riding, Seville 3139

Horse riding lessons on our riding school horses or your own. We teach dressage, Showjumping and Cross country. Beltain Park have been operating for over twenty years with the same owner operators. We have qualified instructors and we are accredited members of the Australian horse riding centres. We have programs for children and adults. Lessons by appointment, specialising with beginners, nervous riders and people returning to riding. We are located in the beautiful Yarra Valley.

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Weight Lifting, Wollongong 2500

Personal Trainer Wollongong Gym Have the body and Health that you want this Summer Dont waste anymore time and money doing it alone Welcome to the Personal Training gym in Wollongong specialising in helping mature age people look and feel amazing. * Feeling self conscious about your body? * Worried about your health? * Getting frustrated? We are here to help you and we understand. Achieve the body that you want in 3 easy steps 1.Schedule 2.Learn 3.Enjoy -Book your FREE Private ...

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Other Martial Arts, Southport 4215

The Mission To teach Brazilian Jiu Jitsu with responsibility and passion under a friendly, fun, respectful and healthy atmosphere, preparing our students for adverse situations and provide them with the right tools to deal with those situations in the best possible way. In addition, we also want to support the athlete who wants to compete on a higher level and assist him/her in creating their pathway to becoming a successful fighter. BJJ Lotus Club, Southport Lotus Club became active in ...

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Boxing, Glenorchy 7010

"THE LIMITATIONS YOU THOUGHT YOU HAD DON'T EXIST" Zen Do Kai was founded in 1970, making the year 2020 our 50th anniversary. Bob Jones ‘the Chief’ founder of Zen Do Kai, believed that we are not one style, but all styles. Which gives meaning to the Japanese interpretation of Zen Do Kai being "the Best of Everything in Progression". With over 1200 dojos across Australasia and New Zealand, England, Brazil, Germany, Israel, Portugal, Spain, Serbia & Mexico. Zen Do Kai Freestyle is one of the ...

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Bowling, Capalaba 4157

'Capalaba Sports Club has been supporting the local community for over 30 years. This large modern club has a range of facilities catering to all generations including a restaurant, 4 bars, coffee shop, gaming lounge with 100 machines, 3 bowling greens, a function room, TAB, kids club and more. Bingo is played 4 times a week and every Tuesday is trivia night. Live entertainment is played every Friday and Saturday night, Sundays from midday and every second Monday of every month is Morning Melodies. ...

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Swimming, Narre Warren 3805

Located in Melbourne's South East, Casey Aquatic and Recreation Centre has something for everyone, from toddlers to serious lap swimmers, from the fitness focused to those seeking relaxation or fun- we've got you covered. Casey ARC features a large gym with group fitness classes, a dedicated cardio zone, weights area, RPM cycle studio, functional training zone and a stretch area. Casey ARC also offers five indoor swimming pools including a 50 metre lap pool, program pool, toddler pool, wave ...

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Other Martial Arts, Thuringowa Central 4817

Drop in and see us or give us a call - to see how we can help you to become, Fitter, Stronger, Faster, more flexible and more successful with the Wellness Martial Art of CHOI KWANG DO, Optimum Health - Self Defence - Personal Development. Its more than just punching and kicking, in fact so many of our members have benefited in so many ways that we have books of testimonies owing the training to helping them achieve job promotions, helping them to achieve higher academic levels at university, ...

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Business & Executive, Kew East 3102

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Other Martial Arts, Melton 3337

First month Free! Taekwondo for all Ages and Abilities Learn Self Defence Build confidence Co-ordination Fitness Children and Adult classes. World Recognised Instructors and Black Belts. Great Family Discounts , Cheapest classes in Melton! Melton Primary School Tuesday & Thursday nights 6pm -7.30pm

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Business & Executive, Sydney CBD 2000

KATRENA FRIEL Business Coach for the Conscious | Business Mentor to the Awakened International Speaker | Award Winning Trainer and Author For those that want to become an Expert in their Field of Excellence, through 7 streams of income including: International Key Note Speaker Award Winning Author and #1 Best Seller) Trainer | Facilitator Coach | Mentor Consultant While it took 20 years to develop this program, it will only take Katrena 120 days to setup for you and hit the ...

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Life, Bundaberg West 4670

We provide the following services: 1. Life Coaching – feeling flat, need motivation or want to get to the next level in your career, life or relationships. 2. Critical Incident Debriefing - workplace accident/death debriefing and support of staff. 3. Conflict Resolution – prevent conflict amongst staff from becoming a court case.

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Australian Karate Dojo Renbukan Inc Bardon

I love karate so much! It is amazing and they are so nice and caring. The other students are also kind and very encouraging. I love it an recommend it %100!!

Eadie Hewitt Visit listing page

Mugendokan Martial Arts Colyton - Karate, Aikido and Judo

Great friendly environment. People oriented instructors & are very approachable. Working great with special needs children. Top job.

Ahmad Alzarate Visit listing page

Better Shape Fitness

I have been training with Kylie since 2015 and would recommend her services to anyone. I was never into going to the gym in the past because I found it boring....

Byalee Stables

Byalee Stables is a great place to learn how to ride, having one on one lessons has definitely helped me with my riding :-) the teachers are really great and th...

Melissa Madafiglio Visit listing page

Skydive Oz

From start to finish this was hands down the best experience of my life. Go skydiving, Go Skydive Oz

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History of Renbukan

​When Master Iba was invited to instruct in Australia for three years in 1974 by Mr Lori Vann  who had met and trained with Master Iba in South Africa the Aussies were keen to train with him, as he was then the highest graded karate instructor in Australia.

Setting Achievable Goals for 2020

Is it merely because you have no willpower? Well I’m here to tell you NO – it’s not your conscious mind’s fault – you have to uncover your core self-limiting belief which in this case may be something along the lines of “I’m not worthy” or “I’m not lovable” or “I don’t deserve to be fit and healthy”.

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6 tips to finding the best life coach for you

Selecting a life coach can feel like the luck of the draw, particularly when the industry remains ungoverned – it can be difficult to know who you can trust. Applying these six key points to your search can help you to find the best life coach for your needs.

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