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    Ace Karts go karting in Melbourne is as close as you get to pro racing without a fireproof suit. Our entry level racer is a great start for solo beginners. Capped at a maximum speed of 40km/h, the Rookie Kart is ideal for ages 6-11 ready to earn their racing stripes safely. ome budding racers have the drive for excitement before their feet can reach the pedals. Our 2Seater Kart lets budding racers ride-along with an adult. Passengers can even control the brakes and steering (optional)! Read more

    With over 13yrs pro motocross experience, Sydney based Motocoach is a Motorcycling Australian Level 2 accredited motorcycle coach. Offering group and 1:1 training for all riders from learners through to experienced riders, at your track or selected racetracks around Australia. Read more

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