Life Events

  • Location: Canberra CityACT 2600
  • Dates: from 03 Aug 2024 to 03 Aug 2024

Reiki Canberra: Beginner Level 1 Attunement Seminar Why Do I Recommend This Type of Self-Treatment to You? (Tunde says, your Reiki Master-Teacher) From my own experience, spending a short amount of time each day on self-treatment can significantly reduce daily stress and alleviate pain. The best part is that it’s all within your control. Not only can you help yourself, but you can also extend this care to your family, friends, and even pets. For example, I’ve helped my little friend Poppy, a pug, manage her pain on several occasions. You can even support the well-being of your plants! In our Reiki beginner course, we will discuss and practice these techniques, sharing many practical experiences. Information on the tundeworld website under Reiki-Level-1-workshop

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