Mastering the Mental: Game 7 Amazing Mindset Tips

Mastering the Mental: Game 7 Amazing Mindset Tips
Your mental game can elevate your sports performance to extraordinary levels. How you approach and navigate the challenges, setbacks, and triumphs in your athletic journey can profoundly impact your achievements.


But mastering the mental game doesn't just benefit you on the field; it has a transformative impact on every aspect of your life.

By developing a resilient and focused mindset, you unlock the key to unlocking your true potential, not only as an athlete but also as an individual. 

I’m Fiona Spence. I’m a Master Mindset Coach and I have a passion for martial arts. In my journey to winning 12 National Titles and being awarded International Instructor of the year I have learned how mindset mastery is key to success in life and sport.

In this article I’ll share with you seven mindset tips that will revolutionise your sports performance and empower you to thrive in all areas of your life. Get ready to discover how the mastery of your mental game can shape your athletic journey and fuel your personal growth beyond measure.

Mental Mastery Tip 1. Cultivate Unwavering Self-Belief

To move from a bronze medalist to national champion I had to cultivate unwavering self-belief in my abilities. I learned the transformative power of positive self-talk including constantly reminding myself of what I was capable of achieving. Along the way, I learned to celebrate every milestone, no matter how small, as each step forward brought me closer to my ultimate goals. By nurturing a strong sense of self-belief, you too can tap into your unlimited potential and unlock remarkable achievements in your sports journey.


Mindset Mastery Challenge: Find something to celebrate about every training session and use it as a powerful reminder of your progress, growth, and commitment to excellence.


Mental Mastery Tip 2. Raise your Resilience

In your sports journey, setbacks are inevitable, but they hold the power to fuel your growth and strengthen your resilience. Embrace these moments as steppingstones to greater achievements. Instead of being discouraged when faced with challenges or setbacks, view them as valuable opportunities to learn, develop, and push beyond your limits. Stay committed to your training regimen, maintain a growth mindset, and let each setback be the fuel that propels you forward.

Mindset Mastery Challenge: When faced with a setback, take a moment to reflect on the valuable lessons learned. Based on these insights, write down one actionable step you can take to improve. By embracing the resilience within you, you will bounce back stronger and continue on your path to success.


Mental Mastery Tip 3 Foster Laser-Like Focus

From my very first judo lesson I learned the transformative power of laser-like focus. My sensei (teacher) taught me that in martial arts, the act of bowing as you enter the training hall holds significant meaning beyond a simple gesture of respect. It serves as a powerful tool to create focus and mental clarity.


When you bow into the room, it symbolises a transition from the outside world to the highly focused space of training. It signifies leaving behind all irrelevant thoughts, distractions, and experiences from the day. By bowing, you consciously release any mental baggage and shift your attention solely to the present moment. As you step onto the training floor, you are fully present and attuned to the training session at hand.


By intentionally setting this boundary between the outside world and the training environment, you create a mental and emotional space that is conducive to learning, growth, and peak performance. It allows you to direct your energy and attention toward the practice, absorbing the teachings, and immersing yourself in the physical and mental demands of martial arts.


Mindset Mastery Challenge: Create your personal pre-practice ritual

Just as martial arts practitioners have their bowing ritual to cultivate focus, you can develop a personal pre-practice ritual for all your training sessions. This ritual will serve as a powerful tool to help you enter a state of mental readiness, concentration, and optimal performance. I'll explain how at the end of this blog.


Mental Mastery Tip 4 Harness the Power of Visualisation

Visualisation plays a pivotal role in sports performance as it taps into the power of your mind to shape your reality. By vividly visualising your desired outcomes and mentally rehearsing success, you create a blueprint for achievement. 

Visualisation enhances self-belief, sharpens focus, and primes your body to execute movements with precision. It allows you to experience the emotions associated with triumph and instils a deep sense of confidence. As you consistently incorporate visualisation into your training routine, you cultivate a mental landscape that aligns with your goals, setting the stage for remarkable performances and unlocking your true potential.


Mindset Mastery Challenge:  Spend a few minutes each day imagining performing at your best. Close your eyes and imagine executing flawless techniques, achieving your milestones, and experiencing the joy of surpassing your expectations. Be sure to engage all your senses during the visualisation process. Feel the excitement, and immerse yourself in your ideal performance's sights, sounds, and sensations.

By regularly practising visualisation, you'll tap into the power of your mind to strengthen your self-belief and improve your sports performance. 


Mental Mastery Tip 5 Effective Goal Setting

 Set goals that align with your personal aspirations and values. Embrace a growth-oriented approach by setting process-oriented goals that focus on self-improvement and mastery of skills.

Life Rewards Action Tip: Write down three short-term goals that are specific, measurable, and challenging but achievable. Break them down into actionable steps to track your progress.


Mental Mastery Tip 6 Seek Guidance from a Mindset or Performance Coach

Consider working with a mindset or performance coach who can provide personalised strategies and support tailored to your unique needs. They can help you navigate mental barriers, enhance your focus, and develop a mindset for personal growth.

Life Rewards Action Tip: Reach out for an obligation-free chat with a mindset or performance coach to explore how their guidance can assist you in unlocking your personal best. (I offer a free 60-minute Clarity Call which you can find out about via this website).


Mental Mastery Tip 7 Prioritise Rest and Recovery

Allow yourself sufficient rest and recovery to avoid burnout and optimise performance. Quality sleep, relaxation techniques, and self-care practices are essential for rejuvenation and maintaining a positive mindset.

Life Rewards Action Tip: Establish a consistent sleep schedule and incorporate relaxation techniques, such as deep breathing exercises or meditation, into your routine to promote mental and physical recovery.



By incorporating these tips into your sports journey, you can experience remarkable personal growth, surpass your own limitations, and achieve sports excellence on your own terms. Remember, the true essence of sports lies in the pursuit of your own personal best and the joy of continuous self-improvement.


Before you go

As promised earlier here is how to create your pre-practice ritual:

  1. Choose a meaningful action: Select a specific action or gesture that is significant to you. It could be something as simple as taking a deep breath, performing a symbolic movement, or reciting a mantra that aligns with your sports goals.
  2. Set the intention: Before starting your practice session, take a moment to set a clear intention. Visualise your desired outcome, feel the emotions associated with success, and affirm your commitment to giving your best effort.
  3. Engage your senses: Incorporate sensory elements into your ritual to enhance focus and engagement. For example, you could listen to a specific song that motivates you, wear a particular item or style of clothing or accessory, or create a distinctive scent associated with your sport.
  4. Repeat consistently: Make your pre-practice ritual a consistent part of your routine. Practice it diligently before each training session and competition to focus your mind and set you up to unlock the depths of your true potential.

By developing your pre-practice ritual, you create a powerful routine that allows you to transition from the external world to the world of your sport. It helps you centre your focus, engage your mind and body, and set the stage for optimal performance. Embrace the power of ritual and watch as it enhances your sports journey, unlocking your true potential.


About Fiona Spence

Fiona Spence, is a martial arts champion with numerous titles under her belt. Also known as The Excuse Eliminator she is one of Australia’s top Mindset Coaches who loves helping people maximise their performance in all areas of life.Fiona’s life turned around when she found herself in a wheelchair for 4 years. She used what she calls Kung Fu for the Mind to conquer depression and rebuild her life.Since then she has Cycled across Cambodia, trained, coached and inspired 1000s of people across the globe, and raised two fabulous kids.

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